Ode to Spring

Ode to Spring
Ode to Spring
Guardian of the Forest
Visions of Spring
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty

Capturing Easter Memories

Each and every memory is precious keepsakes for all families. How many times have we looked at old photos of loved ones and remembered the day they were taken, commenting on how much they have grown, or the “do you remember the day this was taken we…”. So important when taking those images to capture the personalities of the subjects. Am always observant of the activities going on in my surroundings, just waiting for those moments that can bring a smile to the face of the viewer, or a memory. Hope everyone had a blessed Easter and keep creating, capture the magic.









How Your Mood Affects Your Photography

Moods can affect your style of images you take. For instance if you are in an upbeat, happy go lucky mood your images will reflect those feelings the photographer is feeling. Some days when I have a specific photo session in mind I have to be careful to set my mood so I can accurately portray my image in the way it is intended. Never take pictures if you are in a foul mood, unless of course the image you are thinking of creating corresponds with that moodiness. Examples, playful, to moody. You choose which is more your “style”. Each photographer has his or her own style and sometimes do not realize their style¬† is outstanding and recognizable by their audience. Get out there and create some magic!

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Making Magic with Your Portraits

Adding a little magic never hurt a portrait. Give each image a little piece of magic and watch it sparkle with new life. Everyday life could use a little magical moment. There are brushes you can get for photoshop  that will add that touch of magic to any image. Most of these are free and so much fun to experiment with. Using Topaz and its creative software is a good choice in a lot of your more digital art images. Topaz 5 and Topaz Clean are a good place to start.

Do You Believe in Magic