Photography to me can be summed up in one word “passion”.

Any avid photographer can tell you that being able to capture a moment in time that will never again be seen, a fleeting moment, a life changing event, or just those special moments to reflect back on, all in a form of art for the serious photographer. Snapshots are great and can capture some extraordinary times and events. The true photographer captures the same subjects but with a complete strategy in mind so to make that image or images say all they can say. This blog will be about the things I have learned over the years, and sharing moments when things in my life will effect how and when I take certain images. Yes….photographers are passionate and sometimes moody individuals that wake with different ideas on how to create new images everyday. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog, learn with me and study some of my work, and yes being a serious photographer is hard work but so exciting.


One thought on “About

  1. You are a true photographer, capturing each moment like it could be frozen in time. You can live within your pictures and you can see the beauty in a moment someone else would miss. Your pictures tell such a story. Look deep within the pictures and you see a reflection of inner strength and fabulous talent.

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