Creating Beauty in Your Portraits

I have found that adding props such as flowers, and of course the position of your lighting can be a plus in any portrait shot. Facial expressions that fit the mood of the shot you are trying to achieve.

Always take lots of shots at all angles to get what I call “what I visualize in my head” shots. Sometimes I can visualize an image in my head but have trouble getting that visualization to come to life in my shots, this is when I get discouraged. Have found that most of the time even though I did not make my vision come to life I get some pretty decent shots non the less. Here are a few from a session I had a few months back. I love a black background with colorful foreground, in my eye it makes the image pop.

As for the make-up when creating  portraits its pretty much up to the subject and the photographer. The make-up should be done heavier for those shots that fall under the “glamour” shots. It is ok to accentuate your subjects 10 years of age and older with a little blush and a soft lip gloss, just do not over-do with the little ones, they are perfect as they are. Using a bold eyeshadow really adds drama to an image, using what-ever color you feel will give the feel that you want.


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